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Yes, Fashion People Love Leggings—7 Ways They Always Style Them

Fashion’s love affair with leggings plays out like a dramatic Netflix rom-com; there have been highs, which, of course, bring with them the lows, but in the end, you know they’re meant to be together. After reaching something of a sartorial peak in the ’80s and early ‘90s, leggings fell out of favour, replaced by other stylish trouser options, such as low-rise jeans, parachute pants, and pedal pushers. What a time it was to get dressed! Then, we witnessed a legging resurgence in the early ’00s by way of leather-look styles and jeggings. Now, however, we’ve settled into a significantly chicer leggings moment, where black and tonal leggings reign, and people are styling them for all occasions in a variety of sleek ways.