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This “Dated” Lipstick Trend Is Back In a Big Way

When I think of glossy lipstick, I immediately get transported back to the Boots aisles during the 2000s. In the height of Lancôme Juicy Tube mania, we were all obsessed with that lacquered, super-shiny lip look. Every lipstick advert in the magazines had those ultra-shiny, wet-look formulas, and I distinctly remember buying every almost every shade of Maybelline’s Watershine lipstick. And as someone who has chronically dry lips (I’m never more than two feet away from a lip balm), I’m welcoming this hydrating lipstick trend with open arms.

After bringing the topic up in the Who What Wear UK offices, it is apparent that we’re all obsessed with glossy lipsticks once again. Thankfully, the formulas this time around are far more long-lasting, packed with hydrating ingredients and most importantly, less likely to stick to your hair on a windy day. Ahead, you’ll find the 15 best glossy lipsticks that we’ve tried and think are worth it. Time to shine!