Massimo Dutti Studio: Minimalism Meets Movement

Models Yuto Ebihara, Adamu Bulus, Olli Heinimaki, Oscar Kindelan, Tommaso Zana, and Nikita Stsjolokov for Massimo Dutti Studio. Photo: Hunter & Gatti / Massimo Dutti

With its spring 2023 Studio collection, Massimo Dutti tackles the challenges of modern urban living, a theme vividly reflected in its latest campaign. Shot by the talented Hunter & Gatti, the ad showcases the gritty reality of city life with moody lighting and a parking garage as the backdrop. 

Oscar Kindelan models a look from the spring-summer 2023 Massimo Dutti Studio collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti / Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Studio Spring 2023 Campaign

The leading men of Massimo Dutti are the stars of the show, including Yuto EbiharaAdamu BulusOlli HeinimakiOscar KindelanTommaso Zana, and Nikita Stsjolokov, who model the brand’s latest Studio collection with panache. The collection features a mix of minimalist essentials such as trench coats, overshirts, slacks, and t-shirts, all designed for movement and comfort. 

The accompanying video by Hunter & Gatti is a remarkable watch, with Jorane Rest directing the models’ movements and Kalle Eklund caring for their grooming. Massimo Dutti’s spring 2023 Studio collection and campaign celebrate contemporary city living and stylish, practical clothing.

Nikita Stsjolokov takes the spotlight in Massimo Dutti Studio. Photo: Hunter & Gatti / Massimo Dutti
Yuto Ebihara and Oscar Kindelan pose in Massimo Dutti Studio. Photo: Hunter & Gatti / Massimo Dutti