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The Surfing Designer’s Morning Routine

I like to clear my inbox the night before, so I can start each day fresh.

My work schedule is always hectic, and I don’t like beginning my day by catching up on yesterday. Ideally, I try to keep my schedule free until 10 on studio mornings. When I come into the studio inspired, this free time allows me time to capture my thoughts and share them. If something needs fixing, I can brainstorm solutions and get ahead of it with our team.

Coffee is essential.

I do a drip black coffee after I meditate and usually get an oat milk latte with an added shot after surfing. And sometimes another one in early afternoon. I use Peet’s Dark Roast beans at home and Blue Bottle on-the-go, but I don’t discriminate. I’ll take what I can get.

I really don’t eat first thing in the morning. Ever.

Maybe a glass of orange juice early, but I don’t eat until later. Usually, some cashew yogurt and berries with maca and flax seed later in the morning, or if I’m traveling eggs and avocado or some other protein. I also carry a lot of healthy snacks in my backpack.

Emails can wait.

I don’t mind wrapping up with email at night, but never first thing in the morning. Usually I do emails when I sit at my desk starting my workday.

Physical but also mental fitness is important to me.

I always try to surf, but I find that meditation does something similar for me. Allows me to be totally present, clears the mind and pulls new ideas to the surface for the day ahead. Recently, I was rehabbing a knee injury so surfing wasn’t an option and meditating at least twice a day got me through it. A yoga mat and towel is all I need for my morning stretch routine.

For the most part, I like a routine.

But there have been some evolutions over the last few years. Getting more time in the water was a bonus during the pandemic since we were working from home without commute time or school drop offs. Meditating is a relatively new evolution for me. I learned Transcendental Meditation prior to the pandemic, and more recently I’ve been doing guided meditations.