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I Just Tried Tons of New Perfumes—These Are the 16 That Stood Out

I love trying new perfumes. Unlike makeup where I tend to stick with what I know, or skincare, where chopping and changing between products is a big no-no, fragrance is a product that affords me complete freedom. My favourite morning ritual is deciding which perfume to wear, and I switch it up each day based on how I’m feeling, what my plans are, and what I’m wearing. Of all the five senses, smell is the one most connected with memory and emotion, so if you’re approaching the new year looking to make changes or about to start something new, then wearing a new fragrance is also a great way to switch things up and acknowledge a new season, phase, or state of mind.

Of course, there are plenty of classic scents and bestselling fragrances to choose from, but if you’re searching for something, new, different, and that you’ve never smelt before, then you’ve come to the right place. Led by olfactory innovators like Phlur, Commodity, and Byredo, the latest assortment of new fragrance launches prioritise self expression and feeling good, and encourage wearers to build a fragrance wardrobe and experiment with scent layering, a key trend for 2023.