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Deep Reviews: We Tried 6 Microcurrent Devices That Lift, Sculpt and Snatch

Coming from the brand that produces the much-lauded Theragun, the Theraface is as slick to use as you’d expect. With multiple attachments (the microcurrent device being one of them), I found it so easy to switch between them thanks to the seamless magnetic features. Plus, there’s so many handy video tutorials on the brand’s dedicated YouTube channel that explain exactly how to use each attachment-helpful for a beauty tool novice like me to watch on repeat. 

The pros: To use the microcurrent tool, you add the required head to the device, apply a mask-like layer of the conductive gel (which comes included) to your face, set your strength (a nice feature that allows you to build up the current as you become more familiar and experienced with the feeling) and then follow the very clear and simple video instructions for guiding the device, which feels a lot like a facial massager, across the face. The whole process takes little more than five minutes, and you can repeat this every 24 hours. 

As for what it feels like—honestly, the first time I used it I felt nothing at all. Worried I wasn’t doing it right, I turned up the strength and even then I only felt slight twinges on the skin where there was no conductive gel, or where the gel had dried up, so I’d recommend applying liberally or in sections as you go to avoid this. 

I didn’t notice any dramatic results after the first use, but there certainly wasn’t any negative side effects and very little noticeable redness or irritation. After a week or so, though, there was definitely a feeling of having more tighter, brighter skin in areas like the jawline and cheekbones, where I often would feel swollen or puffy, especially in the mornings. 

The device is so easy to use. As I say I’m a complete tools and beauty novice and I found it effortless to use with the help of the guidance videos. I also loved how slick it was to use, and how adding such an easy step to my evening routine came with actual results. You can also use it in the morning but I found it so easy to do sat in front of the TV, once I had the instructions down. 

I loved that this wasn’t only a microcurrent device, and for your investment you actually end up getting multiple different attachments that all target different concerns, from rejuvenating LED light therapy to cleansing rings and percussive facial massaging. All of which can cost a lot if you were buying them as individual devices alone. 

All in all, I’d say if you’re looking for a do-it-all device that feels a little indulgent (I.e. it can help create that moment of much-needed self-care), but that’s also results-driven, Theraface makes a smart investment. It works well both as an introductory, easy-to-use device that beauty novices will love, but also as an advanced tool that’s at the forefront of the industry with its technology and multiple attachments, so beauty obsessives will love to play around with its features too. 

The cons: There’s not much to not like about the Theraface device. Sometimes there are twinges using the microcurrent attachment which, if you’re nervous about it, can feel uncomfortable. But it’s momentary and you can very quickly add more gel or turn the strength down accordingly. If you’re a traditionalist, it could also be a little frustrating to have to go online to find all the instructional videos, but I liked having the visual examples.

Rating: 8/10 for the microcurrent tool, but 9/10 overall for all the great attachments.