Shaun White Explores Saint Moritz with Moncler

Shaun White sports Moncler’s Cerniat jacket. Photo: Gus&Lo / Moncler

Shaun White, snowboarder, and Moncler Grenoble brand ambassador, explored Saint Moritz for the second chapter of Moncler Curators. The feature delves into White’s background and love for snowboarding. Although he faced several challenges during his early years, White’s career in snowboarding took off at the age of seven.

Shaun White for Moncler Curators

Moncler Grenoble brand ambassador Shaun White. Photo: Gus&Lo / Moncler

White persevered, winning numerous medals and achieving global recognition for his exceptional talent on the snowboard. Deeply passionate about snowboarding, White may no longer compete, but he continues to dedicate himself to the sport in various ways. The 36-year-old Olympic gold medalist maintains a healthy lifestyle through rigorous training and a balanced diet, constantly striving to master new techniques.

Snowboarder Shaun White connects with Moncler for its Curators series. Photo: Gus&Lo / Moncler

Furthermore, White regularly embarks on snowboarding trips, which is integral to his routine. White’s commitment to snowboarding remains unwavering despite no longer participating in competitions. Connecting with Moncler in Saint Moritz, Shaun wore a patchwork Raron jacket and cargo trousers, ideal for taking a morning walk by the lake.

Dressed in style, snowboarder Shaun White connects with Moncler for a new feature. Photo: Gus&Lo / Moncler

Treated to the breathtaking views of the snow-covered Alps, White explained, “when I’m snowboarding in the mountains, everything else in my life switches off, and I feel present and in the moment.” This love for the sport was evident in the afternoon when Shaun tried new tricks in Moncler’s Cerniat jacket and ski trousers.

But snowboarding is not just a sport for Shaun—it’s a lifestyle. In the evening, Shaun wore the Moncler Isorno jacket and sporty trousers for his snowmobile ride, taking in the beauty of the sunset over the Alps. He noted, “snowboarding has always been the sun that I orbit and always will be!”