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Everything Paris’s Best-Dressed Are Wearing for Fashion Week and Beyond

Unlike our style-spotting travels through New York, London and Milan, the final stop of the fashion-month quartet takes “double it and pass it on” to the next level. In New York and London, we took on new trends with a firm sense of individuality. In Milan, the more ostentatious fashions were celebrated by all, and now in Paris, the fashion crowd is rounding out the adventure by summarising the standout styles of the entire fashion month. 

Throughout, you’ll find themes of classics with a twist and reworked styles cropping up. For example, the trusty trench coat has been swapped out for a more intriguing version, be it through colour, shape or design. Last year’s pleated skirt has been reworked from micro to maxi, and the focus on vintage-style jackets is visibly a focal point. There are more trending styles to take away and make your own, so keep scrolling for all the key buys for spring 2023.