10 Cannabis Companies to Watch in 2023

Cannabis companies not only cultivate, harvest, and distribute cannabis, but they also create innovative products and educate people to fight misconceptions. They make cannabis products accessible to everyone so people can find relief from pain, relaxation, and enjoy the many different benefits the plant has to offer.

Today, we bring you a list of exceptional cannabis companies that are changing the game by offering clients the best possible experience and the most effective products. Each of these companies offers something unique, so you should definitely allow them to amaze you if you’re in the market for cannabis products.

Quantum 9

Led by CEO Michael Mayes, Quantum 9 is helping entrepreneurs and investors win licenses and start their own cannabis and psilocybin businesses. This Chicago-based cannabis and psilocybin consulting firm is dedicated to helping the industry grow. They accomplish that by providing clients with all the guidance they need!

Since 2012, Quantum 9’s team of passionate consultants has helped clients become business owners in over 27 US states and 6 countries. They offer a variety of services, not just advisory services, where clients can work with cannabis consultants for raising capital, construction management, employee training, equipment selection, M&A, and more.

Quantum 9 can help clients right from the conception of their cannabis or psilocybin business by providing elegant business plans to attract investors, helping them build local support, and getting them started with the license application process, which is particularly nerve-racking because it’s complex and time-consuming.

However, with the support of this team, the license application process will be a breeze! They handle everything to give clients the best possible chance of becoming owners of cannabis and psilocybin businesses.

Quantum 9’s success rate of 90.12% for winning competitive licenses speaks for itself and it’s one of the highest rates in the industry. With consultants that have been featured in NBC, ABC, Chicago Tribune, CBS, Forbes, and more, this company offers outstanding value and effective solutions to help clients step into the exciting industry of cannabis and psilocybin.

Flower Advertising & Doctors on Cannabis

Led by President Alison Reeves Farley, Doctors on Cannabis is an educational platform that enjoys promotional liberties in the notoriously restrictive cannabis communication space. In other words, this platform can offer a level of exposure that other cannabis marketing companies can’t. For example, Doctors on Cannabis can reach people through Facebook and public radio, which is great news for clients.

Additionally, this cannabis company can deduct promotional costs as education, whereas it’s a federal crime for companies in the US to deduct marketing expenses. To put it simply, clients can sponsor Doctors on Cannabis to promote their own company, educate their audience, dispel stigmas, and get medicine to people who need it. Due to all this amazing work, the company was awarded top innovative health care company by the IFAH in 2020.

Alison has an M.S in Communications from the VCU Brandcenter and 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and brand strategy. She’s passionate about building brands that challenge the status quo because she believes in creating positive change. That’s why in 2016, she decided to found Flower Advertising, a cannabis-centric marketing company that challenges stereotypes.

This company hosts the Doctors on Cannabis show to educate people by interviewing experts, from MDs to PhDs, and providing valuable information. Since then, the show has amassed over 10,000 downloads and followers from 600 US cities and 35 countries. Additionally, the show provides sponsorship opportunities so Cannabis companies can reach larger audiences and increase brand visibility.

BriAnne Ramsay

Owner and CEO of Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC), one of the top businesses to watch in 2022, BriAnne Ramsay is an industry veteran who has created this all-in-one consultancy to obtain, build, and scale cannabis businesses. BriAnne oversaw and scaled a Denver-based vertically integrated cannabis business, so she understands the ins and outs. Before that, she served as a technology compliance officer.

Today, BriAnne leverages all her knowledge and experience to build strong cannabis compliance teams. To do that, she has created a 3-phase method and combines it with technology solutions in METRC API development. Additionally, she offers an online businesses accelerator that helps cannabis consultant businesses soar.

Thanks to BriAnne’s proven 3-phase method, RMCC expedites the implementation of a compliance operations framework. When it comes to compliance implementation, this consultancy offers an unmatched approach and a fresh perspective. BriAnne and her RMCC team are known for taking on the most complex compliance risks and providing solutions that guarantee long-term stability, helping cannabis businesses achieve greater success.

Napa Cannabis Collective

Led by CEO Aimee Annette Henry, Napa Cannabis Collective brings adult-use cannabis access to the city of Napa so clients can take advantage of its healing properties and benefits. Aimee started the company with the Founders and a passionate team to make a positive difference in their community. She leverages a career in leading teams to provide the ideal customer service and combines it with her own experience with cannabis, which led her on a healing journey of over 24 years.

Napa Cannabis Collective strives to be a resource of education and products that enhance the lives of clients. It’s been a long road since they opened in 2020, not just because of the pandemic, but also because the city of Napa would only allow them to operate for medical patients. All their hard work bore fruit, and today, they serve their city proudly without limitations.

One of the things that sets Napa Cannabis Collective apart is that it’s women-owned and community-focused. They want to do right by people, so they have created a space where anyone can feel comfortable to learn about cannabis, browse their selections, and get answers to burning questions.

Dispensaries are often intimidating, but Napa Cannabis Collective is quite the opposite. Their doors are open to people from all communities and walks of life, which is why they have options for every budget, taste, and administration method. Additionally, they nurture relationships with clients, value their feedback, and welcome product requests.

Tree-Rolls Hemp Company


Co-Founded by CEO Scott Bryant, Tree-Rolls Hemp Company is the premier supplier of the finest crafted pre-rolls and gummies on the planet. They leverage patented technology (developed over nearly a decade) to deliver the best experience possible. Their range of cannabinoids is varied and exciting, including CBD, CBG, Delta-9, and much more, to fulfill client’s needs and cater to every taste.

Tree-Rolls Hemp Company is not only committed to providing amazing products, they also care about giving back to the community. That’s why they’re partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every product they sell and help rebuild forests, ecosystems, and sustainable food sources for communities in need. So far, they have planted over 60k trees and they will soon reach 100k!

Moreover, their hemp flowers are sustainably grown in the U.S.A. by boutique farmers who put a lot of care into their work and surrounding environment. Tree-Rolls Hemp Company offers products that contain pure and organic hemp flowers that are completely free of additives or harmful fertilizers. That’s how they guarantee a smooth smoking experience full of delicious flavors and aromas.

The Tree-Rolls Hemp Company’s selection of unique products, including 100% hemp-derived Delta-9 gummies and Hemp + Herb pre-rolls with lavender, rose petals, and peppermint fusions provides holistic effects to benefit clients fully. Every product is lab tested by DEA-certified labs and they’re distributed in storefronts nationwide so everyone can have access to a superior cannabis experience.

Element 7

Element 7 is a California-based cannabis company founded in 2018. In just four years, the company has built the broadest operational retail footprint across the state of California with dispensaries spanning from Southern Humboldt in the north to San Diego in the south, and Cathedral City in the east.

Element 7’s success is underpinned by its licensing team, which has been robustly successful at identifying new markets across California that are opening retail licenses, and educating key stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges that the industry is facing. Its hybrid management model allows local staff to customize the retail experience for the local customer while applying a set of consistent policies and procedures that ensure the business is compliantly operated across the State.

Element 7 is well positioned for strong growth in 2023 driven by new store openings in key markets including San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, and growth within existing stores through new product offerings, strategic brand partnerships, exclusive offers, and its loyalty program which rewards customers with a range of benefits and offers only found at Element 7.

Element 7 offers a curated cannabis experience – its buying team is focused on delivering big brands, innovation, and a curated menu that ensures customers have the best options in front of them and aren’t overwhelmed by a plethora of choices. With a goal of becoming California’s largest independent vertically integrated retailer, 2023 may just be the year the company realizes its mission! Keep an eye on it.



Founded by CEO Brittany Carbone, TONIC is a New York-based purpose-driven, woman-owned, farm-to-bottle cannabis company and wellness brand. They are dedicated to delivering quality products for your inner and outer space that make a real difference.

Additionally, they value sustainability and transparency, and social responsibility. That’s why they have created the Purpose Program, donating a portion of sales each month to communities in need. Since 2019, they’ve donated over $80,000 and the number continues growing.

TONIC specializes in innovative botanical blends to deliver a more holistic, integrative plant-based wellness solution. This is how they help clients restore their essential balance and fix their vibe. The cannabis in their products is sourced from their own certified organic and regenerative family farm, Tricolla Farms, located in upstate New York.

This wellness brand also utilizes responsibly sourced synergistic herbs, adaptogens, and superfoods that work together with cannabinoids to enhance targeted benefits according to the user’s needs.

TONIC has one of the first adult-use cultivation licenses in NYS and they will soon present a line of THC products to the New York market. For now, you can rely on their amazing CBD products, which provide targeted support where you need it most.

Hello Again

Led by Co-Founders Patty Pappas and Carrie Mapes,  Hello Again is a women’s wellness company that offers cannabis-powered vaginal suppositories that provide relief from the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges of womanhood. The products combine the healing power of cannabis with specific botanicals to innovate and meet the needs of women of all ages.

Hello Again carefully chooses ratios of CBD, THC, and botanicals to offer 4 effective products to address women’s issues, namely, Hello Again Everyday for menopause relief; Hello Again Sleep to improve sleep quality; Hello Again Period to help with the symptoms of PMS and periods and other painful conditions, and Hello Again Hangover for hangover relief.

This cannabis company is dedicated to serving women and ushering them through a myriad of health and wellness challenges. Their vaginal suppositories allow clients to harness the power of THC without the typical psychoactive high. Hello Again products seek to provide natural, effective relief from the discomfort caused by the many challenges women face in everyday life.

Metolius Hemp Company


Led by President and Co-Founder John Friess, Metolius Hemp Company is one of the top cannabis companies dedicated to spreading the movement of Healthy Vices® by offering premium and enhanced hemp products that integrate into active lifestyles for enhanced well-being.

This company harnesses the wellness benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis and it offers a variety of products for people who want to reduce their consumption of pharmaceuticals, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, THC, and other vices, and replace them with a healthier dip, sip, or hit. The Metolius Hemp Company is a huge fan of the power and versatility of hemp, so they champion it through high-quality products.

The Metolius Hemp Company has created a movement known as Healthy Vices, which is supported by the Metolius River Lines which offers healthier alternatives delivered to clients’ doorsteps at affordable prices. Every product the company offers is premium, enhanced, and organic!

This cannabis company is vertically integrated and they handle all stages of the production process, which begins with farming and ends with direct sales to consumers all over the country. Metolius Hemp provides the most complete, efficacious, and top-tiered products at the best possible prices so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Carmen’s Medicinals

Founded by CEO, Juan Romero, Carmen’s Medicinals offers affordable CBD products that are high quality and effective. This cannabis company was inspired by Juan’s grandmother, Carmen, who was battling cancer and needed CBD to manage the side effects of chemotherapy. It was a struggle to find a reputable brand Juan could trust and afford.

Out of necessity and love for his grandmother, Juan decided to found Carmen’s Medicinals to provide high-quality and affordable CBD products for people who truly need them to improve their quality of life. This Cannabis company understands how important it is for customers to know what they’re consuming, so they provide easy access to product information through barcode scanning.

Carmen’s Medicinals is trusted by healthcare professionals internationally, in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Spain. They have rigid quality control methods in place and require third-party lab analysis. Carmen’s Medicinals’ facility is FDA-registered, NSF certified and they manufacture their own products with USDA-certified raw materials. They take a hands-on approach throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is how they ensure the best quality product from seed to shelf.

Carmen’s Medicinals products are Vegan, Pesticide-Free, Heavy Metal-Free, Non-GMO, Organic, and Gluten-Free so that everyone can benefit from them. The company strives to incorporate Carmen’s personality into its products, branding, and customer experience. As such, everything they do is based on her humor and unconditional love!

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing cannabis companies as they continue to make their mark on the world.

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