Night Vision Guys Inc. and The Story Behind It

Redefining or conceptualizing your idea into a thriving business can be a challenging task. Numerous factors such as location, size, and having an operational plan come into play, and you need to have everything in check for smooth transitions. As a business, you also need to take risks and be bold enough to face the uncertainties. This includes tackling and finding a solution for all the challenges and obstacles that might block your journey to success.

As a result, nurturing a start-up or any well-established venture becomes an incredible journey with numerous career lessons. You also have to build on these lessons to establish yourself in any business. Some successful businesses attest to building their niche around their passions, which makes it easy to continue pushing despite the challenges.

Night Vision Guys Inc. is one successful business with an incredible story. They have become a mass distributor for several top-of-the-line manufacturers providing tactical and hunting equipment for the outdoor space. Night Vision Guys Inc. is known as one of the biggest distributors of Thermal Scopes, which are mountable. They also sell goggles, lasers, binoculars, night vision goggles, and many other products.

Night Vision Guys Inc. was founded by Felix Teper after years of experience working for one of the biggest night vision thermal optics manufacturers. He got into the industry at the age of 17, sending out catalogs while still in high school and later transferred to the customer service desk. Then he moved to the sales department and eventually became an account manager taking care of dealers before being promoted to the role of assistant to VP of sales right after high school.

Founder – Felix Teper

But after nine years of service as the point of contact for the company’s clients, Felix quit and moved with his wife to St. Maarten, Caribbean, to begin Night Vision Guys Inc.  Starting his own business had always been a top priority, and he felt it was the right time to make his dream a reality. In January 2011, Felix established Night Vision Guys Inc., launched a website, and leveraged his previous experience. Though the business started slowly, it significantly improved with time, and now it’s a fully-fledged venture.

Night Vision Guys Inc. takes pride in being one of the best in their sector, offering an unrivaled quality of goods and customer service. They maintain their focus is tied to understanding their client’s needs, and that’s how they have managed to beat the competition. For over ten years now, Night Vision Guys Inc. has remained a top entity, and it’s still scaling to greater heights. The company has been awarded the Best Dealer of the Year by manufacturers for their exceptional success in the business.

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