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Sorry, Wide-Leg Trousers, Meghan Markle Confirmed Skinny Pants Are Coming Back

If you’ve ever wondered what a royal wears on a date night, well, now you can wonder no more. Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry stepped out for a rainy evening together, but instead of re-creating that iconic image of them walking under an umbrella in a downpour, instead, Markle presented us with a look we’d very much like to re-create for ourselves. Oh, and did I mention it involves one of 2023’s top trends? 

I would like to make one thing clear before we proceed; wide-leg trousers are still very much a thing and remain a chic item in any wardrobe. However, you need only glance at our bumper spring 2023 trend report to notice that skinny trousers are back in a big way for the season ahead. And Meghan? Well, she’s already ahead of the curve.