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Not All Body Scrubs Are Made Equal—These Are the Ones Beauty Editors Rate

I’ll be completely honest—I used to be pretty lax when it came to my body-care regime. While I was slathering my face with cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF, my body would watch on from the sidelines, feeling well and truly ghosted. I mean, can you blame me? In the colder months the last thing I want to do is stand nakey nakey naked (one for my Rhi Rhi fans) while I cover every inch of my body in cream. 

However, as I’ve entered my late twenties, I recently had a word with myself and said “enough is enough!” I really have no excuse, especially as I often get sent such beautiful body-care products to try. I vowed to make a change and never leave my body on unread again––and boy have I seen a difference. And the one body-care product I have entered into a pretty serious relationship with is the humble body scrub. Before body creams, serums, oils and lotions come into the equation, it’s important to have a good base to work with, and that’s why I now consider a body scrub to be a non-negotiable in my beauty regime.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favourite body scrubs out there, as well as tapped the experts for all the info on why a body scrub is well worth investing in.