High Quality Wagyu Beef on a Global Scale: The Meatery

After 17 years spent as an internet marketing executive, Nicholas Fiorentino founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic to provide premium meats to consumers that were unable to go to restaurants. The self-started business found incredible success, as Fiorentino has watched it blossom rather quickly. This modern butcher shop, known as The Meatery, is reaching new heights every quarter, expansion driving the business forward. The CEO and Founder is excited to further familiarize his brand with a wider expanse of the United States and Canada.

“The Meatery’s entire concept was born during the pandemic when people didn’t have access to restaurant quality food,” explained Fiorentino. “People needed a way to get incredible quality food, when their traditional providers fell apart.” So what makes The Meatery the best in the business?

1 of Very Few Kobe Beef Certified American Businesses

The Meatery itself is one of the most notable providers of Wagyu in San Diego and is one of only a handful of businesses that pride themselves on being Kobe Beef Certified. This fact alone makes The Meatery one of the most exclusive providers in the entire United States.  The quality meat provider has a large selection of Japanese A5 Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, and American Wagyu and has hundreds of positive reviews online.

 “Coming out of the pandemic, we needed to return to the brick-and-mortar space,” Fiorentino says. “We spent the lockdown readying ourselves for the day when we could open our doors to the public.” He explains how, after the lockdowns were lifted, customers were coming directly to their shipping warehouse, where they needed to set up a small storefront. This inspired their second store, which Fiirentino says he had never anticipated. This growth, he hopes will gather multiple, successful storefronts. “This is what people were missing out on, so we knew we needed to rise to that occasion.”

Throughout the multiple lockdowns The Meatery looked forward to the chance to open its doors to the public. When the time came for stores to open again, Fiorentino was floored to see that customers were showing up to the warehouse to purchase his steaks. In response to this, The Meatery opened another location to combat the influx in customers.

Fiorentino admits to not anticipating the scope of the location’s success. Bringing a streamlined and sanitary approach, all meats are vacuum sealed and nothing is cut on the premises. The Meatery is not a traditional butcher shop in this sense, boasting specialty imported products held to an international standard of quality.

The Future of The Meatery

Nicholas Fiorentino founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic to provide premium meats to consumers that couldn’t go to restaurants. It has since grown a monumental amount in a record time. Today, the company ships all throughout the United States and Canada, with many repeat customers.

As they continue to grow, Fiorentino has expressed his desire to continue the company’s expansion, bringing storefronts across the nation. They hope to continuously broaden the scope of ultra-premium food products offered to their enthusiastic customers.

With two years under their belt, the company is gathering valuable insight on the market of Wagyu in San Diego. They take their customers’ concerns and feedback to heart and work day in and day out to provide a quality product and experience. Boasting the highest reviews on Google for people looking for where to buy Wagyu in the southern tip of California, customers absolutely must experience A5 Wagyu beef for themselves to truly understand the quality product The Meatery is offering its client base.

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