Women's Fashion

In 2023, a Really Good Outfit Features One of These 5 Basics

I consider basics to be the backbone of a solid wardrobe—the true workhorses in a closet, if you will. While I personally consider a range of items to be fantastic staples (yes, white T-shirts and black trousers included), I wanted to highlight the trendier basics that I think are particularly noteworthy in 2023.

Given that my favourite outfit ideas are comprised of A+ basics, I believe elevated basics will help to create some of the chicest ensembles you can wear this year. The staples in question are not only highly versatile (the true making of an amazing basic), but they are also modern and bring a forward twist to any look.

Below, you’ll uncover really great outfits that feature trendy basics the fashion crowd is going to be all about this year.