FACULTY Tooth Gems: Redefining Beauty Norms

Aidan Scout models FACULTY’s new Tooth Gems. Photo: Luke Abby / FACULTY

For those of us looking to make a daring statement, FACULTY introduces Tooth Gems, the latest addition to their lineup of innovative products that encourage self-expression. These tooth accessories come in a range of colors, including Clarity (white), Deep Red (red), Metal (silver), Luv (red heart), Denim (blue), and Medallion (gold), providing endless possibilities for fashion experimentation.

Social media sensation Aidan Scout poses with a box of FACULTY’s Tooth Gems. Photo: Luke Abby / FACULTY

Aiden Scout for FACULTY Tooth Gems

But there are more—to take things up a notch, FACULTY has teamed up with TikTok sensation Aiden Scout to showcase their latest campaign. The special photoshoot, captured by photographer Luke Abby and styled by Stella Evans, features Aiden sporting Tooth Gems on their pearly whites. The look is edgy, modern, and reminiscent of retro cigarette ads.