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16 Slim-Fit Trousers That Are Making Us Rethink Everything

In truth, slim-fit trousers have never actually gone away. Okay, skinny jeans may have very much taken a back seat in the denim department, but you only need to look at the rise in popularity in leggings outfits to see that the desire for a more streamlined silhouette still exists. In fact, cropped cigarette pants have always been a workwear staple, and they’re a style I’ve started to see more and more on the fashion crowd recently—especially the French. It’s not a coincidence that they pair perfectly with ballet flats and loafers; this season’s most popular shoes. 

My interest in this subject was piqued even more so when, during a recent data deep dive, I noticed Who What Wear readers have been keenly adding slimmer-leg pants to their baskets lately. This set me off on some thorough market research, and I found slim-fit trousers in the new-in sections everywhere from H&M to Toteme. I’m now wholly convinced that there’s something inherently chic about the slimmer-legged style (and you’re talking to a wide-leg disciple), and that there’s a new-wave of slim-fit trouser appreciation coming our way in 2023. 

So, if you’ve always been a skinny trouser fan, or if like me you’re suddenly reconsidering your stance on them, keep scrolling to shop 16 of the best pairs on the market right now…