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Tip of the Day 2/16

The headache. The nausea. The bloodshot eyes. Oh, and don’t forget the sweating and vomiting. Last night was fun, but this morning? Not so much. Sure there are countless frat-boy-fueled myths about cure-alls, but you needn’t mix up some disgusting raw-egg recipe. After all, you couldn’t stand the sound of a blender anyway.

The Cure

Toast with honey.


Alcohol is a diuretic (translation: it makes you produce a lot of urine), and that, along with vomiting means your body’s been robbed of vital minerals and fluids. Toast with honey is the ideal remedy, according to Dr. John Emsley of London’s Royal Society of Chemistry. It provides the body with the sodium, potassium and fructose it needs to repair the damage done and reboot your system. The sodium and potassium are essential for proper nerve and muscle function, while the fructose replenishes your glycogen supply (goodbye fatigue).

And in case your “I’m never drinking again” mantra doesn’t work out, next time try drinking a glass of milk before hitting the bottle. It coats the stomach and slows down the absorption of alcohol into the system.