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The Easy Way to Find the Most Expensive-Looking Buys at H&M

Every fashion editor has their own hacks when it comes to shopping the high street, whether that’s which section to head to online or what design features to look for in person. With the new season almost here, though, we wanted to share with you one of our most useful insider tricks that helps us to always, without fail, find the best items for sale at H&M

First things first: The search bar is your secret to success. H&M has a lot of stuff, and filtering it all down to find the best items is key. You may have noticed the brand offers various collections, some more familiar than others—think Divided and H&M Studio. But there is also Premium Selection, a category you’ll find in the drop-down menu that essentially groups all the pieces that are made in high-quality fabrics and expensive-looking silhouettes. Admittedly, the prices do usually match the elevated offering, making them a bit more expensive than your average H&M buy, but when you try these pieces, you’ll see that they’re always worth the extra investment.