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When French Girls Wear Leggings, These Are the Outfit Formulas They Rely On

I don’t want to make sweeping statements, but you just don’t see French girls wearing leggings all that often. At least, not on their Instagram feeds. Of course, they’re more commonplace when you’re somewhere like Paris, when you’re seeing real outfits in motion, but in terms of curating a grid and assembling looks for likes, leggings seemed to be an item that French women didn’t want to share. 

However, I’m beginning to notice that French girl leggings outfits are starting to come through on my feed more and more. Over the last year or so, the narrative around leggings has changed. Sure, you’ll still find people styling them with hoodies and trainers, but also in the mix are looks involving heels and tailored blazers and shirts. Never before have leggings been considered so versatile or essential to the art of getting dressed. And French women are certainly taking note of this, too, serving up their own ways to wear the once solely atheleisure piece. 

Below, I’ve outlined my favourite French-girl leggings outfits, which have been assembling using what are generally considered to be wardrobe “staples”. Of course, the term “staple” is open to individual interpretation, but the general ilk of which I speak involves striped knitwear, leather jackets, camel coats, and tweed. We are talking French style, after all, so classics will always be part of that conversation. 

Scroll on to see how French women are wearing their leggings now.