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I Just Tried Givenchy’s Trending Foundation—Here’s What I Really Thought

In general, I tend to stick to neutral and cool-toned foundations because, in my experience, no matter the coverage, foundations generally fit under two umbrellas. Those with cool tones will effortlessly slot into my makeup bag (yay!), but those that come with an undertone formulation will make me look way too red. 

Despite my scepticism over viral foundations, while scrolling TikTok a few weeks ago, I came across a video (that was not a review, might I add) of Whitney Madueke applying the Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation (£45), and I was immediately hooked. My first thought? Wow, that colour match is seamless.

Alongside the perfect shade match, the foundation instantly brightened the under-eye area and made the skin look pore-less. I had to try it.

Scroll down to discover my honest thoughts on the viral sensation, as well as before and after pictures that speak volumes!