Baptiste Embodies Fursac’s Timeless French Man

Baptiste Radufe takes to the high sea for a sun-kissed spring-summer 2023 campaign for Fursac. Photo: Olivier Simile / Fursac

Ah, the sartorial splendor of Fursac, the French fashion house that has come to define timeless elegance. Leading the charge is Gauthier Borsarello, the creative director who has been at the brand’s helm since 2021. His astute eye for detail and commitment to sophisticated style shines through in Fursac’s spring-summer 2023 campaign, solidifying the brand’s reputation as a purveyor of timeless grace.

Making a case for monochrome style in a knit sweater and trousers, Baptiste Radufe fronts Fursac’s spring-summer 2023 campaign. Photo: Olivier Simile / Fursac

Fursac Spring/Summer 2023 Campaign

The season’s advertisement comes to fruition with artistic directors Lolita Jacobs and Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet, raising the bar for an aspirational view of menswear. The latest campaign from Fursac is a sartorial ode to the refined taste of French men. Through the photography of Olivier Simile, the brand’s codes shine with warm, sun-kissed images of model Baptiste Radufe.

Top model Baptiste Radufe takes the spotlight for Fursac’s spring-summer 2023 campaign. Photo: Olivier Simile / Fursac

With effortless grace, Baptiste embodies the essence of the Fursac man—at ease both on the open seas or on the mountainous island of Corsica. His bold confidence is matched only by his sophistication, artfully displayed through the brand’s signature pieces, each cut with precision and crafted from the finest materials.

French model Baptiste Radufe wears a light-colored suit with pleated trousers for Fursac’s spring-summer 2023 campaign. Photo: Olivier Simile / Fursac

These images celebrate the timeless elegance that has defined the Fursac man, making a solid case for investing in a functional and refined wardrobe. Effortlessly embodying the essence of refinement and panache, the Fursac man exists in sophistication and style. The campaign showcases the timeless appeal of the brand and its unwavering commitment to only the finest materials and impeccable tailoring.

Dressed to impress, Baptiste Radufe dons a tuxedo and bow tie for Fursac’s spring-summer 2023 campaign. Photo: Olivier Simile / Fursac

From relaxed ensembles suitable for a leisurely day spent by the shore to sophisticated garments for a night of revelry in the city of lights, the Fursac man is constantly in motion and dressed to the nines. Whether basking in the warm glow of the Corsican sun or immersed in the electric energy of the metropolis, these images are sure to spark the imagination of the discerning male fashion enthusiast.