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This Skincare Product Had a Bad Rep, But It’s Back and More Effective Than Ever

And as the hype has built, so has the innovation. Indeed, the best retinoid products to come out in recent years are those which strive to present the ingredient in hardworking and fast-acting, but also sensitive skin-friendly formulas. “We are able to formulate more sophisticated formulas with advancements in ingredient technology to create retinoid formulas that are efficacious and minimise the sensitivity issues often associated with retinoid use,” adds Evans. 

For Hirons, who has years of experience within the skincare industry, launching her brand, Skin Rocks, with retinoids made total sense. “I have always loved retinoids and as soon as I decided to launch a skincare brand, I knew I wanted to release retinoids, but only if they were right and bringing something new to the market,” she tells me.

The first Skin Rocks serum, Retinoid 1, is aimed at those who are new to retinoids or are scared of using them from previous reactions. “We have had so many comments from people who have previously reacted to retinoids and can now get on with Skin Rocks Retinoid 1 comfortably and are moving up to Retinoid 2, including those with eczema and psoriasis,” she says. Retinoid 2 is Skin Rocks’ more advanced retinoid serum, aimed at those who have already used retinoids and are looking for a maintenance product. According to Hirons, “It’s not always about chasing the highest percentage but it’s about using an efficacious formula that will still give you results.” Welcome, to a new era of retinoid products.

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