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31 Days: Your Skin Care Secret Weapon

Why men should use face serums

Serums can be easy to overlook. They come in a small bottle and they seem to promise a lot of the same things our moisturizers or masks do. But applying serums beneath your moisturizer is the most impactful way to get results—and get them fast. They allow you to customize your regimen to suit your specific skin care need.

Why men should use face serums

Like high-proof liquor, serums pack a ton of potency into every drop. For example, most facial lotions typically contain about 5 to 10 percent of active ingredients. By contrast, serums can pack up to 70%. Plus, your daily lotion has larger molecules than a serum, so it typically sits on the surface of the skin. Serums are able to penetrate deeper. And while serums certainly provide your skin with additional moisture, the main reason a man would want to use one is to add nourishing ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin that a regular moisturizer isn’t able to deliver. Which is why you apply them after you wash your face, but before you apply your daily lotion.

The best serums are designed to target specific concerns, from reducing wrinkles or fighting acne to adding brightness to a dull complexion. And you want to tackle these concerns. For men over 30, your body’s natural skin-cell renewal process is slowing. For younger guys, a serum can ensure your skin stays in peak condition. We’ve tried dozens to bring you the best ones for the most common concerns men have.