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Deep Reviews: We Tried 5 Hair Multi-Stylers—Here Are Our Honest Thoughts

My hair type: I have long hair but it’s quite thin, which means it often sits limply past my shoulders and gets knotty very quickly. In general, I am really low-maintenance when it comes to haircare, especially as I don’t have any hair colour in my hair. It should come as no surprise then that apart from a hairdryer (does that even count?) I own zero hairstyling tools.

The Dyson Airwrap is my first foray into the world of stylers and I am pretty sure I massively lucked out when this landed on my desk. When it came to thinking about what tool might work best for me, I knew I needed something straightforward and ideally with very little room for error. I also wanted it to be lightweight, as the amount of hair I have ensured I would most likely be holding any styling device for a while.

The pros: Over the testing week, I actually found the AirWrap really easy to use. Yes, the barrels tool took some getting used to, and I am certainly no pro at it, but overall I picked it up quickly and found every other attachment really straightforward. They say practice makes perfect, and that is certainly the case with the AirWrap, but no more so in my opinion than if you’re trying to perfect a curl with a traditional tong. After watching a video or two, I got the hang of it and then nothing could stop me in my quest for that perfect bouncy blowout. 

At this point it’s important to acknowledge that yes, this styler is an investment. For the price, the AirWrap needs to be a tool that one reaches for frequently. I knew a big factor of this review would be whether the AirWrap is worth the price and my honest answer is that yes, it is. With eight attachments including a dryer, round brush and smoothing brush, you get a lot of bang for your buck here, and all wrapped up in an extremely sleek-looking package, too.

I love how the AirWrap easily smooths flyaways and makes my hair look sleeker and shinier in just a few minutes, but I was also really happy with the results of using the AirWrap’s curling barrel attachments and its iconic ‘coanda effect’, which left me plenty of volume and a mass of bouncy curls. I brushed mine out, but I know lots of people who leave theirs as is. They did drop quickly, so I would go hard on the hairspray to ensure they last longer than a few hours. 

I’d be remiss not to mention perhaps the biggest pull of the Air Wrap here, and that’s the fact that it uses less heat than most hair styling tools, which in turn means less heat damage. Of course, you should still use a heat protector, but in general the use of lower heat means that there is less potential for damage, keeping your hair healthier.  

The cons: In an ideal world, the AirWrap would be more purse-friendly, and this for me is its biggest drawback. I’m hoping the brand introduces a more affordable, compact version of the tool in the near future.

My verdict: if you’re looking to invest, in my opinion the AirWrap is worth the price tag. It’s easy to use, uses less heat than other tools on the market, looks great on your dressing table and can help you achieve some amazing styles. Plus, it left my hair looking shinier and smoother, and both my partner and I used it nearly every single day as a hairdryer, too! Well done Dyson, you’ve converted me. 

Rating: 8.5 (minus one for cost, minus 0.5 for the initial trickiness of using the tool)