AMI Modernizes Parisian Chic with Prelude Collection

Alexandre Mattiussi revealed a new epoch with the reveal of AMI’s fall-winter 2023 men’s collection. The French brand proudly signaled a renewed focus through a modern wardrobe that lays the foundation for a fresh, distinct style.

The collection honors Mattiussi’s original approach to AMI—practicality, and versatility without neglecting comfort and lightness. Furthermore, it channels inspiration from how French people seamlessly mix different aesthetics when easily styling themselves.

Mattiussi expounded on the season’s collection and its inspiration: “While searching the name of the fall-winter 2023 collection, I instinctively decided to call it Prelude: in opera and classical music, a prelude represents an introduction, an opening to a piece or an act that follows.”

The designer enthusiastically explained, “This collection is fundamental for me, as it has been in my mind ever since AMI was founded.” Reflecting on the twelve-year build-up to this new collection, Mattiussi added, “In our quest to define a truly modern wardrobe, each season represented a new step toward a more precise and distinguished look.”

By joining forces with various friends and models spanning ages, AMI demonstrated the enduringness and agelessness inherent in its designs that honor modernity through craftsmanship. Featuring well-known figures such as Cole Mohr, Scott Barnhill, and Clément Chabernaud, AMI presented a laid-back selection of sophisticated silhouettes filled with perennial details and dressed in contrasting hues—from dark tones to dusty pastel shades.

AMI Men’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection