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Our Editors Agree—These 9 Facials Actually Make a Difference

What Are the Benefits of Having a Bespoke FacialThe benefits of having a bespoke facial are endless. They will cater each treatment to skin type, problem areas and even if you are sick. After the diagnosis, Bartov told me exactly what my problem areas were and exactly how she would tackle them. I have been using Differin, a doctor-prescribed retinol, since I stopped using roaccutune to tackle my acne, however without Bartov looking at my skin under a microscope, I wouldn’t have known that it was actually damaging my skin. 

Almost all the treatments are noninvasive, except laser, and work to reach the deeper levels of your skin meaning longer lasting results. You can see the full results after three  weeks, depending on your skin type as every skin type is different. 

How Should I Prepare for a FacialBest tips before you meet Bartov and her team is to not use any retinoids or acids for at least 48 hours before your facial. If you do, it might determine which lasers and products that will be used on your skin. 

Does The Bespoke Facials Have Any Side-Effects? As the treatments were non-invasive, and could be considered “lunchtime treatments” there were no side effects apart from a little redness. If I had one of the more extreme lasers to tackle the acne scars on my face, there would have been redness for five days after.

Are There Any Aftercare Requirements? You shouldn’t use any acids or harsh products for 48 hours after your treatment as the skin will still be sensitive. No hot water for four hours, but the day after you can wear makeup and continue on with my daily routine. Not so much a requirement for the facial, but a top tip from Bartov, you should be reapplying factor 50 SPF every two hours for full coverage. Even if you have makeup on, you can just dab it (not wipe) on top to keep your face looking younger and healthier.

I got to take home a trio of Bartov’s own brand of products to try after the treatment. While you can buy the products online, they would rather recommend the products in person once they know your skin type. To start is the Booster Peel & Glow Serum which was to be used five days after treatment. To be used in the morning for the face and neck. As it contains lactic acid, tricide acid and ceramides it should be introduced slowly into your routine, starting off with twice a week, and build up your resistance by adding a day each week. 

The advanced pro-active serum is to be warmed in your hand before putting on your face, and should avoid the eye area.This product is great to reduce scarring, pigmentation and anti-ageing. The best result is when it’s combined with the Glow Booster Serum Peel. 

The “Magic Serum” or “Saviour” in Israel, actually called Advanced Skin Repair Serum is for all types of skin. The oil can be used multiple times a day after the acids. I kid you not, after waiting a few minutes for it to settle my skin felt like pure silk. 

What’s the Cost of a Bespoke FacialDue to the bespoke nature of the clinic, typical treatments vary from £200-£800. It depends entirely on the type of facial that you and Bartov decide upon as each appointment will use a different variation of the 15 machines that she has in the clinic. Once Bartov has analysed what sort of treatment that is needed, she will share the cost and you can determine whether you want to do the treatment or a more affordable treatment if it is out of your price range.