Men's Fashion

31 Days: Break Out of Your Style Rut

Start With
a Declutter

A smart starting point is to get rid of the items you don’t wear. You probably know the ones—there might even be a little dust on the top of those hangers. Items you got on sale and thought you’d wear, but never quite felt right. Things that no longer fit and older items that were replaced by more beloved clothing. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re probably not going to wear it in the future. Getting rid of them not only gives you a clearer view of what you have, but it helps you identify gaps that need to be filled.

Todd Snyder Dylan Italian Suede Snap Jacket

Dylan Italian suede snap jacket
from Todd Snyder

Layer Up With
a Jacket

It’s the subtle difference between merely being clothed and “getting dressed.” The right jacket can make an otherwise simple outfit look outstanding. If you favor clean lines and classic styles, this will help you turn it up a bit. A plain turtleneck gets a monochromatic boost with the addition of a bomber. Your average T-shirt and jeans get instantly elevated by a simple chore coat or luxe suede jacket. And a pair of chinos, fatigue pants or dress trousers suddenly look much cooler when paired with a worn-in denim trucker.

Experiment With Colors

Most men have a color or two that they lean towards when shopping. You find a shirt you like, pull the navy one and when you get home, you hang it in the closet with the other shirts in a near-identical shade of dark blue. Sound familiar? It’s a safe approach—you know what you look and feel good in, but it can get boring. Try experimenting with new shades. If you wear a lot of blue, try an olive green which pairs nicely. Or if you’ve got a lot of browns and tans, opt for pink or purple which go great with earth tones. And if stronger colors feel a bit too bold, ease into things by incorporating more patterns in neutral shades.