UNIFORME is ‘Counting Sheep’ This Fall

UNIFORME’s fall-winter 2023 collection, Counting Sheep, provides men with an effortless and stylish way to put everyday stresses on pause. Designed by Hugues Fauchard and Rémi Bats, this season’s pieces exemplify UNIFORME’s simplicity ethos through its muted hues, textural fabrics, clean silhouettes, and minimal detailing.

With this distinctive approach in mind for every garment design, UNIFORME delivers timeless elegance that captures modern-day menswear at its finest.

Counting Sheep is our personal version of Sleeping Beauty. It’s about evacuating anxiety and finding comfort and space to dream in clothes that give the wearer a sense of protection, softness and ease while also hewing to exacting design standards and our philosophy of conscious minimalism,” says Fauchard and Bats. “In many ways, these are the wardrobe staples we’ve always wanted to do.”

This season’s lookbook perfectly encapsulates the spirit of UNIFORME’s inspirations. The brand envisioned their man, as portrayed by Hugo Gillain, for fall, finding solace and tranquility in a nap well-deserved—counting sheep to drift away from reality. Captured through Maxime Frogé’s lens with earth tones transitioning from one shade to another are garments that transition just as naturally into contemporary style.

UNIFORME’s fall-winter 2023 collection is crafted with a soft touch, featuring wool and cotton as the primary materials in various colors from ecru to khaki and brown. This season finds monochromatic ensembles composed of flannel overshirts, military trousers, jackets, and coats.

The season also marks the introduction of a denim range and a standout apron, which pays a nod to the designers’ passion for cooking. To top it off, the brand repurposed leftover fabrics to develop its new underwear line—making UNIFORME truly sustainable.

UNIFORME Fall/Winter 2023 Collection