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9 Wardrobe Staples That Are Officially Trend-Proof

Before you go on, no, this is not a story about jeans, white T-shirts, and tote bags. While those are all wardrobe staples, today, I am here to chat with you about pieces that once were wardrobe basics but somehow became trendy. These pieces then managed to make themselves right at home again in the basics section of our wardrobes.

Last year, we saw the rise of minimalist, expensive-looking style (some would even describe it as “bourgeoisie”), which ended up altering the way women viewed style and outfit composition in its entirety. What used to be a severe focus on trends shifted to a rampant acquisition of quality basics (i.e., relaxed suiting, nice knits, and practical accessories).

In a way, this major sartorial shift kind of is the trend. Suddenly, we look in our wardrobe and it’s filled with neutral hues and tailored separates, and the trend section has been replaced solely with basics, which brings me to my main point: The re-identification of basic wardrobe staples as “cool” shifted our closets entirely, and after a couple of years and multiple seasons, the nine items below have officially been deemed trend-proof.

To me, this means that basics were able to come back to life and find their home once again in the “wardrobe staples” section of our closets again. The nine pieces ahead have done exactly that, having passed the test of trendiness and timelessness entirely.

Here, I’ll walk you through the nine wardrobe staples I am deeming trend-proof this year—including mules, cardigans, and more.