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I’m a Bit of a Minimalist—These Are the 11 Chic Brands I’m Into

The value of functionality in fashion has never been more prevalent as we’re in a diligent era, where people value easy-to-wear uniforms without needing to sacrifice comfort or style. Contemporary brands continue to amass cult followings and customers are optimistic about making these fashion investments. They’ve also influenced the customer approach to acquirement, with many people now choosing to invest in quality garments over quantity.

Devoid of saturated hues and instead offering neutral palettes ranging from creamy ecru to dusty cocoas and sepia tones—there are styles and colourways made to slot seamlessly into existing wardrobes. With an amalgamation of billowy dresses comprising silk and crisp organic fibres, there are pieces to appease every texture profile and taste.  

Keep on reading for the 11 minimalist brands to know in 2023—including some that may be new on your radar.