Canali Explores Gentle Menswear for Autumn

For fall-winter 2023, Canali endorses the idea that masculinity can be expressed in various ways—a magnificent notion allowing men to portray themselves through fashion. Similarly, Canali’s Italian expertise and craftsmanship make men look and feel incredible. Their newest collection features menswear crafted with “gentle” construction, silhouette, and respect for the environment.

Canali believes individuality is paramount and offers a modern wardrobe focused on comfort, elegance, and refinement. As the cold weather approaches, this autumn collection features soft silhouettes that emphasize luxury while being easy to wear day or night.

With the brand known for utilizing the highest quality materials, this season is no exception. From wool to silk, cashmere-silk to organic cotton—they have created a sophisticated wardrobe featuring an array of earthy tones such as green, brown, and camel; metropolitan hues like black and gray plus energizing glimpses of blue and red.

Canali’s clothing boasts relaxed but tailored shapes, crafted to move gracefully. Furthermore, the sweaters and shirts’ designs are timeless yet modern—drawing from menswear classics but enlarged for an up-to-date statement.

This season is elevated by the DOUBLE part collection, a series of handmade garments with exquisite craftsmanship. Their innovative approach to garment-making uses an intricate technique resulting in seamless, unlined pieces with invisible stitching. Each piece features the same artisanal touch—from suits, jackets, and coats to smart shirt jackets and hybrid outerwear items.

Canali’s fall-winter 2023 collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and style. Combining luxurious materials with classic silhouettes and modern designs, Canali has created an exquisite range of menswear that allows men from all walks of life to express themselves through fashion.

Canali Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Young Woong Kim dons a brown trench over a classic suit look from Canali’s fall-winter 2023 collection. Photo: Canali
Gytis Gedvilas, Young Woong Kim, and Gregorio Crappa wear Canali fall-winter 2023 menswear. Photo: Canali
Model Young Woong Kim wears a backpack from Canali’s fall-winter 2023 collection. Photo: Canali
Elísio Baessa, Gregorio Crappa, and Gytis Gedvilas showcase Canali’s texture-rich fall-winter 2023 collection. Photo: Canali
Canali enlists models Elísio Baessa, Gytis Gedvilas, and Young Woong Kim to star in its fall-winter 2023 collection lookbook. Photo: Canali