K-Way Debuts Bold & Expressive Designs

K-Way strides into the future while honoring its past with its fall-winter 2023 collection. Back in 1965, when its founder Léon-Claude Duhamel originated the essential packable rain jacket, this revolutionary concept was birthed from one simple moment of inspiration at Place de l’Opéra as he witnessed a mother and her children briskly pass by in red nylon jackets.

From that point forward, K-Way made an indelible mark on fashion as it swiftly transformed itself into a much sought-after iconic brand. K-Way’s newest collection is an exciting display of design prowess, with masterful use of cutting-edge materials and technical innovation.

You’ll find classic styles such as bombers, puffers, and anoraks reimagined with exaggerated silhouettes that receive updates, ranging from cropped to oversized styles. Bold and expressive, Bermuda shorts and trousers boast massive billowing volumes.

Looks are carefully crafted with a practical mindset but retain their joyful spirit, from warm outer layers to the lightweight, colorful tops they cover. K-Way’s fall-winter 2023 collection showcases the brand’s expertise and iconic spirit.

With classic designs such as bombers and puffers given a modern twist to bottoms with colossal shapes, K-Way has demonstrated its continued innovation for an extraordinary display of fashion.

K-Way Men’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection