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31 Days: End the Snooze Cycle

Out of Arm’s Reach

We keep our phones next to us when we sleep, so waking up to an alarm and a dozen notifications puts us in the mindset that we’re already on someone else’s schedule that demands responses, replies, and more. Don’t fall into the trap of doom scrolling the news, responding to that email. Find an outlet further from your bed so you’re forced to (gasp) get out of bed to turn off your alarm. The first step is the first step.

Workout clothes illustration

Workout clothes illustration

Pack Prepared

Are you headed for a workout, but your partner isn’t quite ready to get up? Do them and yourself a favor and take back 90 seconds right away, and don’t fumble around in the dark looking for clothes. The night before, neatly fold up your gym clothes so it’s the first thing you see in the morning. Having your shorts, socks, shirt and whatever else you need staring you down could be the motivation you need to get up. Don’t let the pile of clothes win! Avoid rummaging through drawers and letting a distraction slow you down.

Hydration Station

Probably not a shock that water made its way on this list. But, do more than just drink it. Yes, drinking water and hydrating your body after sleeping is the best first step and gives you a head start on the day. A quick sink splash of cold water to your face can be a refreshing jolt. It’s recommended to end a hot shower with a cool blast, so start the day the same way. Washing your face isn’t recommended (that was part of your evening routine, right?) but a natural wakeup that will complement your other steps.