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Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid Both Wear These Flat Shoes With Jeans On Repeat

Plenty of Reformation shoes make it onto our wish lists, but the Agathea loafers are so good that they deserve this dedicated article of their own. As you know, us WWW editors spend a lot of time scrolling, browsing and trying the latest fashion in order to report back to you about the pieces actually worth investing in. There’s an awful lot out there to sieve through, especially when it comes to loafers, since the likes of Prada, Gucci and Saint Laurent have long made them the most covetable flat shoe around. But the Agathea loafers stand out from the crowd, not only because you have eight different colours to choose from, but they’re also the perfect balance between chunky and classic, so they’ll last you through all the nuanced loafer trends to come. They’re also incredibly comfortable and go with basically everything I own—especially denim.