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If You’re Not a Jeans Person, Here Are 23 Winter Midi Skirts to Try Instead

Winter is often considered the most difficult season to dress for. In summer you can throw any old dress on and look put-together, but in winter there’s a lot more to think about: which layers work without looking too bulky, will this dress go with tights, and exactly how washed out does this grey coat make me look?

Like many of us, I seem to always resort to a dependable combination of denim, boots and knits. But if you’re not a jeans or trousers person, figuring out what to wear each morning when it’s cold outside can be even more of a chore. If that sounds like you, don’t fret. I’m here to tell you you can still take advantage of the ever-flattering midi skirt in the depths of winter. Dresses are slightly more complicated—unless they’re made from a particularly thick material with long sleeves you’ll probably need to source a roll neck that works perfectly underneath. But the beauty of midi skirts is that, like jeans, you can just throw them on with your favourite knit and boots and head out the door.