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These 11 Budget Cleansers Are Just as Good as Their Expensive Counterparts

Cleansing is an essential step in every skincare routine, vital for removing makeup, product residue, and excess oil, as well as for prepping skin for future product application and targeting concerns like dullness and congestion. “Washing your face really is the cornerstone of a great routine and glowing skin,” says facialist and skin expert Charlie Perry. “If you aren’t cleansing your face properly with the best cleanser for your skin’s needs, it’s very hard for everything that follows in your routine to go right.” Choosing the right formula can make a vital difference to your skin, with options ranging from balms and oils through to gels, milks, and foams. However, the best cleansers don’t necessarily need to be expensive or packed full of pricey active ingredients in order to be effective. 

“‘You get what you pay for’ is true of many consumer goods, but not necessarily beauty,” says beauty journalist and brand founder Sali Hughes. “I love many luxury beauty brands and their products and I always will, but it’s important to remember that for every fancy jar, magnetic lid, beautiful ad campaign and gold-foil box; pennies and pounds are added to the price you ultimately pay from your purse.” It’s always worth keeping in mind that a product’s price tag is often dictated by these factors and so doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the ingredients used or the product’s formula. “I think increasingly, people are paying more attention to what matters,” adds Hughes. “The product at the heart of the fantasy. That’s what needs to be great. The rest is delicious detail.” It’s true, take a look at the offerings of affordable skincare brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, and Beauty Pie, and you’ll see that there are plenty of standout affordable face washes out there. They may not have luxurious packaging, but it’s what’s inside that counts.