The Vanderloos Don Luxurious Looks for ICON Italy Cover Story

Mark Vanderloo Son ICON Italy Cover 2023

After their charming story in ICON Spain last year, the dynamic father-son duo of Mark and Mark Jr. Vanderloo grace the cover of ICON Italy’s February 2023 issue. The pair showcases fashionably modern proportions, with the youthful Mark Jr. wearing a short double-breasted suit from Fendi and his iconic father rocking an impressive leather coat by the Italian brand.

In ICON, Giampaolo Sgura’s lens captures the Vanderloos with a chic, gentlemanly style. With fashion editor Edoardo Caniglia carefully selecting pieces from renowned brands such as Gucci, Celine, and Tagliatore for their wardrobe, black-and-white images impress with stylish tailoring and designer touches that bring spring to life.

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