ASTN is Happier Than Ever about his newest release “Be So Cruel”

This week, the Rockstar Lifestyle team linked up with ASTN, an LA-based singer, songwriter, and TikTok sensation, shortly after he dropped his cinematic new music video for his new track “Be So Cruel”

ASTN, pronounced Austin, went viral for his cover of Billie E

ASTN, photo By Lexis Rother/Warner Records

lish’s “Happier than Ever” in 2021 which led him to signing a deal with Warner Records. 

His cover eventually ended up with 8 million likes and 70 million views.

“Did she reach out to you?” asked Brandon Ford, co-host of Rockstar Lifestyle.

“She didn’t actually,” ASTN replied.

“I figured there would eventually be some recognition but there never was. I’m not bugging about it at all though. I know she’s seen it, I just would love to hear what she thought about it.”

Like “Happier Than Ever,” ASTN’s latest release is also a song about moving on from a relationship.

“Be So Cruel” is an ode to ex-relationships and the feelings that come with ending them. The track is bouncy and smooth, and features ASTN attempting to move on from his ex… until he sees her with another guy. 

“And I hope this breaks y’all up,” he sings, as the music video depicts him fantasizing about brutalizing the couple with a hammer. 

“‘Be So Cruel’ is one of those songs that happened for me right when I needed it. I had just gotten out of a pretty long term relationship and wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it,” ASTN explains. “This song is a perfect portrayal of that. The lyrics represent the heartache and agony that comes with seeing a previous lover move on. All while the instrumentation behind the lyrics symbolizes a sense of freedom.”

ASTN is a cool customer and with his artistic style and effortless charm, it is easy to see that he is poised for success. Seen at the premier of “Be So Cruel” at Braindead Studios, ASTN looks dapper and steely-eyed, as attractive as he is intimidating, wearing leather gloves and a trench coat over formal attire. 

Musically, his hooks are infectious and relatable and his genre-bending style is easy to get behind, suitable for both a car ride and a club visit. You can hear more of ASTN on his new five-track EP You’re Almost There, available on all streaming services. Keep up with ASTN on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and watch his suspenseful new video for “Be So Cruel” below.

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