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Kendall Jenner Just Brought Back This “Outdated” Jeans Trend, and We’re Obsessed

If ever there was a celebrity to keep an eye on for the next big trend, it’s Kendall Jenner. Sure, some of her style choices are a little more “runway” than everyday (her trouser-free outing is a case in point), but if we look back through some of her more accessible moments, it’s undeniable that her off duty wardrobe isn’t easily matched. Along with the luxe leisurewear, slip on shoesbomber jackets and knee-high boots, you’re more likely than not to spot Kenny in a pair of jeans, and for a day out and about in Los Angeles earlier this week, she resurrected a previously overlooked style that deserves our full attention: an ultra-high rise, pair of blue cigarette jeans.

A little bit mom jean, a lot of straight-leg, these super high-waisted jeans cinch the waist at the top and gently hug the leg all the way down, leaving a lot more room around the ankle than the skinny jean, and making them the perfect accompaniment to the ankle boot. Win, win. Like most denim, they come in different washes and finishes, but her choice of indigo blue is the vintage 90s throwback I didn’t know I needed until now. Sorry black jeans, I think these are my new style crush.