Top Travel Bloggers From Around The World, Inspiring With Their Creativity, Talent, and Boundless Adventures

With all its creative niches, travel blogging is the art of capturing one’s sense of adventure and inspiring other people to get up, travel, and explore the world. From solo travelers and fearless women explorers to family & group tourists, budget vacationers to luxury jet-setters, travel bloggers are the real trailblazers, blazing unexplored trails around the globe, guiding their followers and leading the way.

While each travel blog is unique in its own way, all successful travel blogs offer the following resources; credible information, incredible visuals (photography and video content), wonderful storytelling, cool & creative tips, and valuable advice. If you’re looking for any of these things, here’s a list of top travel bloggers in 2022 that you might need for your future travels and trips. They will fuel your wanderlust and compel you to pack bags and explore beautiful, unique places across the globe.

1.   Becky Moore

An aspiring travel blogger and writer, Becky Moore is the founder of Global Grasshopper – an award-winning blog, travel magazine, and resource for independent travelers as well as tourist groups. She has an adamant determination to unravel the world’s most beautiful destinations and bring their adventurous journeys to the world.

We search the world, uncovering the secrets of the world’s most unique, under-the-radar, and beautiful places,” says Becky.

Regardless of having battled the life-threatening Wilson’s Disease for many years, Becky’s wanderlust has led her to travel to over 40 countries, and she is ardently enjoying her freedom to be location-independent. Her travel blog Global Grasshopper, which she started 13 years ago and has now grown to 56K followers on Facebook and 13.1K followers on Instagram, stands as a testament to her adventures, travel ambitions, and guides.

On top of everything, Becky and her team at Global Grasshopper are animal-friendly tourists, and also educate their viewers and other travelers about their commitment to cruelty-free tourism and protecting the welfare of all wildlife. In that context, Becky regularly donates a portion of website profit to animal welfare and wildlife charities, mostly helping rescue stray dogs and elephants abused in the tourist trade.

Through Global Grasshopper, Becky has also worked on larger travel-centric campaigns with various high-profile brands, including Google, Pinterest, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Vauxhall Cars, Queensland Tourist Board, MoneySuperMarket, Exodus Activity and Adventure Holidays, Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Air, and a lot more.

Having won the Best UK Travel Blog award along with many more prestigious accolades and nominations, Global Grasshopper is credited as one of the top original travel sites in the world – containing extremely knowledgeable travel guides, beautifully presented posts, and high-quality visuals from all over the world. Receiving an average of 500,000 views per month, the travel blog reaches thousands of visitors every day and ranks number one on Google for many travel-related keywords.

Becky, with her team of like-minded tourists, is on a mission to create aesthetically pleasing content and one of the greatest travel resources. Today, her efforts are paying off as Global Grasshopper has been mentioned by top media publications like Yahoo, National Geographic, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Travel Channel, Business Insider, and the Daily Mail.

2.   Paulina Weis

A sustainable travel enthusiast, Paulina loves traveling and writing about all things travel through Paulina on the Road, an outdoor and sustainable travel blog. Through her blog and social media handles, Paulina attempts to redefine the stereotype of mindful and sustainable traveling. Her passion project, “Paulina on the road” has been recognized as one of the 30 Best Luxembourg Blogs and News Websites in 2022 and also ranks amongst the 20 Best Sustainable Travel Blogs and Websites by Feedspot.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Paulina, one of the first professional bloggers from the small beautiful country, started her blog in 2015 to chronicle her journey around the world through her love for photography, writing, and years of avid traveling. Her bilingual blog in English and Spanish became a digital scrapbook where she documented her travel experiences with a focus on lesser-known destinations and a boat hitchhike across the Atlantic Ocean.

Centering her blog around sustainable and eco-friendly traveling, Paulina has got her followers covered through unique travel stories and guides. Her blog is packed with tips on the best museums to visit, food & drinks to taste, and neighborhoods to explore from a local wanderer’s perspective.

Through her articles, she wishes to inspire her readers to travel ethically and responsibly. She gives excellent advice on hiking, boating, and guides to discovering a city differently. Her “scrapbook,” as she calls it, is filled with exciting stories gathered in her journey and focuses on destinations that deserve a spotlight.

Inspired by the beauty of planet Earth and the urge to preserve its diversity, Paulina blogs about everything which allows people to enjoy natural beauty in a fun but respectful way. Find the best articles about sustainably enjoyable outdoor travel with the outstanding adventurer herself on her blog and her impressive Instagram account.

3.   Carmen Edelson

Carmen Edelson, a luxury travel blogger and lifestyle influencer, is the founder of Carmen’s Luxury Travel, an award-winning luxury travel blog she started 10 years ago out of her love for travel. Carmen has been named one of the Top 100 Best Luxury Influencers and Travel Bloggers in the World by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and her content-rich blog is also ranked high on Google for many luxury travel keywords. She has worked with top-notch travel brands, including Qatar Executive/Airways, Turkish Airlines, Visit Florida, Holland America Line, Tourism Ireland, etc., to provide her followers with the best piece of travel advice, tips, and inspiration.

From not having enough means to travel as a young adult, to turning it into a full-time business, Carmen Edelson’s journey to becoming one of the best luxury travel bloggers and lifestyle influencers is indeed inspirational. Her decade-long journey of travel blogging and the achievements she’s received along the way are manifestations of the fact that she is, by far, one of the most experienced bloggers on this list.

She has a massive social media following, and her Instagram alone boasts more than 150K followers, where she regularly posts reels that are aesthetically pleasing, highly interactive, and useful for her followers. Her audience mainly consists of extremely well-traveled individuals and luxury travel enthusiasts who rely on Carmen to explore hidden gems around the world. As an informed traveler herself, she has all the right information about the most luxurious places to stay, exotic locations, amazing deals to crack, and even the best places to eat. Her main goal is to provide her followers and dedicated readers with quality travel content that provides not only exclusive experiences but also the best value for money.

If you are a five-star vacationer and love to explore finer things in life, be sure to visit Carmen’s Luxury Travel and follow the avid traveler as she unravels some of the most exquisite places in the world and allows you to experience luxury at its finest.

4.   Amanda O’Brien

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Amanda O’Brien is a digital publisher and founder of the travel site, The Boutique Adventurer. Working as a marketing expert for international companies for more than 15 years, Amanda picked up her camera and devoted every possible day of her holiday to travel. Today, she has managed to visit over 70 countries and her passion for traveling reflects in her blog – The Boutique Adventurer – which is the picture-perfect representation of exhilarating experiences meeting luxury in style.

Amanda, who is almost 50 years ‘young’, welcomed travelers to the world of ‘The Boutique Adventures’ in November 2016. A quick scroll through ‘The Boutique Adventurer’ gives a virtual tour of exotic destinations and a unique perspective of famous tourist spots – all with a splash of food, wine, and photos. Cementing its position as one of the most popular luxury travel blogs in the world, the website receives over 350,000 page views monthly. It has over 175,000 followers across its social media platforms. During COVID, she also launched her other websites The Discerning Cat, The Dog Snobs, and New Interesting Facts, which are gaining equal attention, all thanks to the engaging content.

It might be an understatement that Amanda’s chic solo explorations are simply irresistible. Whether it is the promise of luxury bedding or fine dining, she is roping in fellow female travelers who are seeking off-the-beaten-track adventures. With her unique travel blog charting trips, her blog is delivering to an enthusiastic and growing number of explorers who love finding boutique hotels with great food and wine.

While Amanda may be mostly living in the British capital, London, her wanderlust keeps her seeking exciting destinations filled with natural and cultural attractions. If a travel bug bites you, keep tabs on her spectacular travel expeditions by following her on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

5.   Jaro Cabla

Jaro Cabla is a Hawaii-based travel content creator, cinematic videographer, and founder of the travel resource Travel with Jaro. The 24-year-old has achieved so much in life by pursuing his dreams and turning his passion for traveling into a profession. Creating compelling stories and inspiring others to live the best version of themselves, Jaro has grown an audience of more than 1.7 million followers across his social media platforms. One of his achievements is getting featured on the ‘Beautiful Destinations’ social media pages multiple times. Jaro has also worked with T-Mobile and Netflix to showcase their latest series on the Netflix Original ‘Peaky Blinders.’ Other notable brands he’s worked with include Sandals Resort, Warner Records, Marriott Bonvoy, Global Work & Travel, Hopper, Holiday Inn Express, and Insomniac.

“Our mission is to inspire the younger generation to pursue their own dreams relentlessly, and live as the best possible version of themselves,” Jaro stated while describing the base principle for his travel business.

Hailing from the little town of Slany in the Czech Republic, Jaro’s family moved to Hawaii when he was only five years old. Although the move upset him at first, little did he know that it would open a window of opportunities for him. Surfing the ocean waves got him hooked on exploring nature. He began surf photography and spent most of his time documenting the ocean’s beauty. However, he soon realized that his true passion involved traveling, chasing the next thrill, and documenting his adventures. In an effort to free himself of others’ expectations and to experience complete freedom, Jaro traveled to New Zealand and never looked back.

Life was never a smooth sail for Jaro, but through trial and error, he was able to pursue his passions as a content creator and grow his follower base to millions. Now he preaches to others how they can inspire through storytelling personal change. The avid traveler has many upcoming trips and recently announced that he will be walking barefoot across America, which is a five to six-month journey on the road. Visit his Instagram, TikTok, and YouTubepages and have a look at his adventures.

6.   Andrew Baxter Cook & Talita Guerrero

“Happiness is only real when shared,” the words of the famous traveler Christopher McCaandles have permeated through writers, photographers, and bloggers, Andrew Baxter Cook and Talita Guerrero, the people behind Dope Life Adventure.

The dynamic duo created the page to empower others to live a life of adventure, authenticity, and fearlessness. Life is much more than just succumbing to the mundane routine, so Andrew and Talita began the page with hopes of spreading love, laughter, and hope through a sense of unity and family. They produce social media content that resonates with their audience and share posts on wellness and self-improvement in an effort to inspire others to live the lives of their dreams.

Andrew is a writer, photographer, and drone enthusiast who is known for creating stunning material. He produces entertaining and amusing Instagram reels and TikTok videos. He supports Dope Life Adventure’s posts posting content as the cameraman, primary editor, and aesthetician. At the same time, Talita is the author of The Journey to a Dope Life, a notable book she has created to empower others.

The couple loves to travel, take frequent romantic getaways, and travel across the globe with their family – four children – to make memories. “We noticed an interest from our family and friends to experience these adventures with us through social media and Andrew’s amazing photography and writing,” shares the couple. That has inspired them to make their content visible to the international audience. Their Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are filled with exciting and empowering content, balancing between travel adventures and self-care.

7.   Guillaume and Hammer

Hailing from France, Guillaume Fritz is a passionate and adventure-loving photographer, writer, and blogger. He and his wife, Hammer, founded the travel blog – A Fun Couple – to share their exciting journey and experiences with their followers, and to preserve the memories of the incredible places they visit. A Fun Couple is just in its third year and has already reached 100,000 views per month. It has also been recognized as 100 Best Couple Travel Blogs and Websites by Feedspot.

“It’s an achievement we are very proud of and something we never thought was possible,” says Guillaume.

A Fun Couple is an amazing travel resource packed with destination-specific travel guides, encompassing the wonders of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania, and beyond. If you’re looking for versatile travel blogs with informative and useful travel content, A Fun Couple should definitely be on your list. From exploring unique family holiday destinations to the best places to spend your romantic evenings, A Fun Couple contains all the content you are looking for. The founders also share their travel stories and adventure reels on Instagram, so do check it out as well.

From crossing paths on a boat, getting married on a boat, and even celebrating their wedding anniversary on a boat every year, this blogger couple has been chasing adventures for a long time. They’re both athletic and sporty, and love to spend their time skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kitesurfing, etc. Visit their blog to find out what new adventure they’re onto now.

8.   James Hills

Travel blogger and men’s lifestyle influencer James Hills is someone whose core passions lie with guys’ getaways, cruise travel, and road trips. The avid traveler has more than a decade-long experience in curating travel trends for men and runs various travel blogs to share his travel experiences with like-minded adventurous followers. He launched his primary blog called ManTripping in 2008 to cater to ‘clean’ men’s travel and lifestyle ideas. He has also developed two other publications including MenWhoBlog – a platform for dad bloggers to share advice and talk about family topics and CruiseWestCoast – which specializes in cruise travel with an emphasis on the West Coast including Alaska, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, and California Coastal. Some of his notable accomplishments include being recognized among the Top 10 Outdoor Journalists for 2022 by Muck Rack and Influential Creator Awards Winner 2019 by Carousel.

While consulting for some mom bloggers and women’s travel bloggers, Hills noticed the need to redefine men’s travel space and extend beyond the adolescent humor of a ‘bad boy’ lifestyle. He later filled this void with ManTripping – a male lifestyle and travel resource that reflects Hills’ lifestyle as a man who loves to travel, explore new places, and see life from various perspectives – while enjoying wine, food, and cultural experiences with other like-minded men.

Hills is ecstatic about travel and adventure, owing to multiple cross-country road trips and the time spent in California, Virginia, and Massachusetts as a kid. “I love sliding into a pair of boots and heading out with a group of guys to do something epic,” says Hills. He also has his fair share of cruising experiences, having taken 11 cruises on six different lines this year and more than 30 cruises total in his lifetime. Hills is now focused on building a business model for CruiseWestCoast around actually leveraging influence to sell cruises. He is passionate about the industry’s future and also likes to indulge in different topics like sustainability and diversity.

9.   Sarah De Santi

Sarah De Santi and her family are well-known on social media as The 5 World Explorers. They are a world-traveling family, including her husband Massimiliano, Sarah herself, and their kids Cosimo, Emma and Luca. They are content creators and influencers, who sold all their belongings in June 2018, and decided to live the nomad life, traveling to multiple destinations worldwide. Their children are truly global citizens, and the family offers travel coaching to assist everyone who needs help getting organized for traveling or simply requires the courage to get out there.

Originally from Italy, they decided to sell everything in 2010 to relocate to the United States. Then after living in the states for eight years, they felt it was time to make another significant move. They chose to sell everything to travel the world with their three children, which many people long to do but are afraid to undertake. Rather than just watching it on television or reading about it in books, Sarah and Massimiliano believed that if their children were to understand anything about the world, they needed to experience it.

For the first year, they documented their journey with images on social media and blog articles on their website, However, in recent months, they have felt compelled to speak more publicly about the locations they have visited through their Youtube channel The 5 World Explorers. To date, the family has visited 45 countries and posts daily updates on social media regarding their whereabouts. Their objective is to inspire others to travel and to show them through real-life examples that with a bit of courage and motivation, anyone can live the life they want – which is why they travel with their children, regardless of the issues that may arise.

In addition, the family’s blog offers further information about their travels, and Sarah, a best selling published author and professional photographer, shares images whenever feasible.  Massimiliano is a physical therapist and acupuncturist who provides self-help coaching to show people the art of healing themselves. The family’s motto says, “Explore the world with who you love,” which is precisely what they preach through their fantastic travel vlog.

10. Libby & Alex Thoms

Travelers and bloggers Libby and Alex Thoms have manifested their love for travel through their content on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook page, @travelinthoms. As one of the top ten travel influencers of 2023, their RV lifestyle began after October 2020, when Alex underwent multiple strokes two weeks after the couple announced their engagement. Having suffered multiple strokes and being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes all by the age of 25, they flipped a switch, and the couple realized that there is a different way of living than the traditional 9-5 lifestyle at home.

Marrying a year later, in August 2021, the couple decided to give the RV life a shot as they took their camper on their six-week honeymoon out west. As remote employees, this was the best opportunity to go all in on the full-time RV life. At the end of their honeymoon, the couple upgraded their fifth wheel and prepared for full-time travel. In March 2022, Alex and Libby began to travel the country and work remotely while renting out their home base in Maryland as a short-term rental on Airbnb.

Through Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, the couple has formed quite the following and earned their first sponsorship with RV Snappad. The success that came with this partnership paved the way for @travelinthoms, and soon enough, they formed their LLC in April 2022. “Since April 2022, we’ve gotten to work with the following companies: Sun Outdoors, Harvest Hosts, Buzz Bicycles, Dakota Lithium, B&W Trailer Hitches, Book Outdoors, Brooklyn Bedding, Tecovas, among others.” shares the couple. Moreover, Libby and Alex were featured in the June/July 2021 Issues of ROVA Magazine due to their fantastic RV lifestyle.

Life’s twists and turns push one to take that leap of faith. Libby and Alex did the same and are now moving onward as an adventure-loving couple, ready to take on more experiences and grow their business even bigger as they traverse the nation.

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