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I Moved to Paris and Learned 5 Very Valuable Fashion Lessons

In 2013, I moved to Paris for love. Yes, I am a cliché. I quit my job, left my comfy apartment and said goodbye to my friends and family in order to relocate to a country where I didn’t speak the language.

So much has changed since I landed, including—perhaps unsurprisingly—my personal style. I spent the latter part of my twenties living in Dalston, east London—home to, amongst other things, a dress-code where anything and everything goes. My wardrobe as such mirrored this more colourful, extrovert and experimental outlook. The first street I lived on was called Rue Rodier, and so it also became the name of the blog I started at the beginning of this major shift, charting my own travels and adventures but also my photography work and the inspiring stories of women I meet along the way.