Men's Fashion

Style Strategies: How a Creative Director Shops

What are you most proud of since launching in 2015?

I’m proud of everyone—past and present—who has put in hard work for Adsum since we launched the brand. I’m proud of our current team and my long-standing partners, Christian and Matt. Since day one, we have wanted to grow the brand slowly and authentically, which I hope is true for our customers.

DANCER Mesh Flower Cap

Mesh flower cap,
$71 by DANCER

Any brands you’re
watching right now?

adidas, DANCER and Nitty Gritty Worldwide.

Adsum x Nanga Down Jacket

Down jacket,
$385 by Adsum x Nanga

What’s one item that every man needs in his closet?

A real down-filled jacket.

What city has the best shopping?

I’m probably not the first one to say this … Tokyo. I like to buy stuff that resonates with the area I’m visiting. Tokyo is great for menswear, but on recent travels, I tried to buy stuff I could bring home and enjoy, like art, ceramics and rugs. I try to buy a gift for my wife or son while traveling because I really appreciated a gift from my parents when they traveled somewhere.

Do you shop more online or in person?

These days, I’m shopping way more online.