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I’m 51 and Have Finally Worked Out My Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

If anyone knows whether an item is worth buying or not, it’s Tracey Lea Sayer. Having been in the business of fashion for over 30 years now, Lea Sayer is a style insider who says it like it is. She wants her clothes to work hard for the money and is a dab hand when it comes to hunting down timeless high-street pieces. In addition to sharing her knowledge as fashion director at Fabulous magazine, she charts her own wardrobe over at @TraysLounge. Her outlook is about buying less, buying better and restyling what you already own. This month, she shares the capsule wardrobe she has finally fathomed out. Over to you, Tray!

Five years ago, I dragged myself kicking and screaming onto social media. Instagram started as a social experiment for me. I was desperate to stay employed in the business I love, and the industry was changing, so I forced myself in front of the camera, even though I had been a behind-the-scenes stylist for the last 30 years. Now I don’t bat an eyelash at having my picture taken, and it has become part of my job. Taking daily #OOTD pics on my phone has been a real eye-opener for me because it has made me study what I wear more closely than ever before.

You would think that working in fashion for so long would give me a good grasp on the trends that come around every single year, wouldn’t you? But no! Before I documented my looks, I was like a fashion goldfish. Each time the new year arrived, I was suddenly like, “Ooh, I need a whole new wardrobe. I have NOTHING to wear!” I have been a sucker for fast-fashion trends just like everyone else, but the more I posted on social media, the more and more I saw the same classic items crop up on my feed at the same time each year.