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We’re Consciously Uncoupling From These 11 Fashion Things

Just like Gwyneth and Chris, we all have moments in life when we need to press pause, take stock and realise that, well, things just aren’t working out. And while it might be tempting to impose a military-style fitness regimen or puritanical diet purely because it’s January, we say stop weighing yourself down with unachievable goals; instead focus on letting go of the things that didn’t serve you in 2022. And trust us—there are plenty of them.

So forget sit-ups and Slimfast, because we’ve brought you the 11 fashion things we’re consciously uncoupling from. While there were plenty of positive developments in the industry, there’s always room for improvement. We try to focus on long-lasting style, that lets you express yourself and feel good doing it. With that in mind, it’s time to press reset and get ready for a year of awesome style, with the added benefit of a fresh perspective. From the overuse of packaging to dressing for others, scroll down to see what things we’re parting ways with in 2023.