Men's Fashion

The Best Down Jackets

Hopefully you didn’t get stuck during that hellish winter storm over the holidays, but if you were, I sure hope you dressed accordingly. Yeah, temperatures were well below freezing, but it’s nothing that an excellent down jacket and piping cup of cocoa can’t fix, am I right? The best down jackets have traditionally been made of goose down (and later lightweight synthetic fibers) and many still are—however, other brands have opted for a more sustainable route, like water bottles and other recyclable materials to produce an incredibly insulated jacket. Either way, I’m sure everyone has this type of jacket in their closet, and if you don’t, let this be your sign to get one immediately.

You may be thinking, the bigger, the warmer when it comes to down filling. But that’s not always the case—thanks to newer technology and other ways to source materials, a lot of down jackets are lean and “packable”, allowing you to put them in your carry-on instead of lugging them around whenever traveling. And sure, bulky options will no doubt keep you warm (meaning you don’t have to layer as much), but today’s slimmer styles are just as warm, with an additional layer. The simple point of all down jackets is that they insulate body heat, and for all the work they do, the jackets are generally lightweight. The tech trend in men’s fashion seems to be tapering off, but styling down jackets is easy to incorporate into your everyday style. Relaxed denim or cargos and a hoodie look great, but pulling a quilted jacket over your suit adds a technical twist to your dressed-up fit. We’ve handpicked nearly two dozen to help kick the chill in the new year.