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Trust Me—Every Beauty Expert Is Hyped Up About These 16 Perfumes

“My 2023 signature scent will be Jean Paul Gaultier Le Belle Le Parfum eau de Parfum Intense. I believe perfume should be alluring, mysterious, and bewitching. This perfume does just that,” begins Irene Wainman, TikTok fragrance influencer. “This spellbinding perfume smells of amber, vanilla, tonka, and jasmine. It’s long lasting and the initial blast of sweetness muddles down to a lingering heavenly scent. This perfume falls into the same category as my signature scents like Tom Ford’s Rose Prick, Lancome’s La Nuit Tresor, and Tom Ford’s Noir Pour Femme. All of which have spicy, syurpy, incense-like notes. If you’re looking for an office friendly, non offensive perfume, this is not your category, but I would recommend this perfume to anyone who wants a new take on a sweet perfume. 

“It’s the perfect mix of a sweet, innocent girl next door, and an absolute vixen. For all of my vanilla lovers out there, this is a seductive warm take on vanilla. I’ve noticed that the trend went from floral, flirty, light perfumes to more intense, deep, and complex notes. I love that people are venturing away from the typical rose and bergamot perfumes and instead pairing their rose with notes like saffron and cedar. There is a new mix of perfumes embodying both masculine notes as well as feminine ones. A vanilla perfume always smells beautiful, but pair vanilla with black pepper, patchouli, or woods and you’re in for a treat. Let your nose take you through adventures of decadence and vice.”