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9 Things We Regret Wearing to the Airport

Collectively, as a team of editors, we’ve travelled a ton since the start of 2022. Some of us even hop on more than 30 flights in the span of a year, and others have travelled to over 30 countries. All these in-flight hours have amounted to our team perfecting the art of packing (hello, ever heard of the 54321 trick for packing light?) and the art of the airport outfit—trust us, airport style is a thing. But we couldn’t have gained all our expertise without first practising some good old trial and error. Speaking of error, don’t forget to check out the three items that travellers pack but never wear. Take it from us. There is a definitive list of items we’ve deemed as the worst airport clothing.

As much as we would love to file those cringe-worthy memories somewhere far, far away, we’re instead sharing our biggest airport outfit offences. Seriously, learn from our mistakes. Ranking high up on the list—and something all of us have regretfully done at some point—is wearing 100% cotton “rigid” jeans when flying. If you’ve ever sat squished into a middle seat on a long flight, you can imagine the level of discomfort that an unforgiving pair of jeans provides.

Ahead read up on our major airport outfit offences so you don’t make the same mistakes we once did.