De Bonne Facture Embraces Winter with Alpine Capsule

Balthazar Dib wears a corduroy work jacket with matching balloon pants in pine green. Photo: James Weston / De Bonne Facture

The French fashion brand De Bonne Facture has released a winter capsule collection, ideal for the end-of-year season. Named Alpine, this new men’s wardrobe draws inspiration from 1960s resorts in the Alps and is both stylish and cozy. De Bonne Facture combines relaxed silhouettes with luxurious fabrics, such as wool and Japanese cotton, to corduroy, giving your winter ensembles a sophisticated touch.

Whether you’re spending winter nights by a mountain chalet or skiing with friends—De Bonne Facture delivers a smart capsule collection with classic shapes and stylish details. De Bonne Facture brings you all the winter essentials in a timeless neutral color palette with a vivid pop of pine green. From balloon pants to cable knit sweaters and embroidered hoodies to flannel pants—the fashion brand offers a sleek take on the season.

De Bonne Facture Alpine Capsule

In front and center, Balthazar Dib models a chamois jacquard sweater from De Bonne Facture’s Alpine capsule collection. Photo: James Weston / De Bonne Facture
Making a relaxed style statement, Balthazar Dib is pictured in a boiled wool half-zip pullover. Photo: James Weston / De Bonne Facture
Embracing a neutral color palette, Balthazar Dib sports a boiled wool vest over a cable knit sweater in Italian wool. Photo: James Weston / De Bonne Facture