Ferragamo Proposes Western Elegance for Pre-Fall ’23 Collection

With his second collection for Ferragamo, Maximilian Davis has taken it up a notch from his very successful debut.

While Davis’ spring-summer 2023 collection was built upon the glitzy atmosphere of a beach sunset, the Ferragamo pre-fall 2023 collection now centers around Hollywood to capture an expansive view of its scenery—from the snow-capped peaks that lay beyond its rolling hills to the scorching deserts past its city limits.

The new collection melds heat and sensuality with an emotional yet troubled energy—from luxurious fabrics alongside unfinished hems to classic glamour next to casual elegance.

Hollywood heritage, crucial to the Ferragamo legacy, shines throughout this collection. Brand founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s early project of crafting western-style boots for the 1923 western film The Covered Wagon became a significant influence that reverberates throughout the pre-fall collection.

The Western-inspired wardrobe reveals itself as a unified vision, from the introduction of distressed and worn denim or flocked velvet to the details in pockets and bags with a belt-styled shoe.

Hollywood glamour is brought to life with modern, minimalist silhouettes crafted from luxurious fabrics. These outfits can be broken down into individual pieces and elevated through the detail and care in their creation.

Tailoring basics are given a refined touch thanks to Ferragamo’s expert craftsmanship—an eye-catching focal point of this collection. Everyday essentials take center stage, demonstrating perfect precision in every stitch.

In his work, Maximilian Davis reveals a pervasive fetishism that is particularly evident in the high-luster finishes of patent and wipe-clean leathers. Their extraordinary shininess commands attention and admiration.

Altogether, Davis has created a stunning Ferragamo collection that celebrates Hollywood heritage and brings modern glamour to life. The pieces feature classic silhouettes crafted from luxurious fabrics with an eye-catching focal point of expert craftsmanship.

Ferragamo Pre-fall 2023 Men’s Collection