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The High Street Winter Staples I’m Stocking Up On Right Now

Ask any fashion editor and they’ll give you the same advice: at this time of year it is sensible to rely on tried-and-tested wardrobe staples that never let you down. It’s difficult enough to battle through the darkest mornings as it is, let alone if you’re trying to be experimental with your layering or attempting new trends. Instead, you’ll find that industry experts fall back upon the winter essentials that make getting dressed easy. Certain classic items are effortless to combine together, will keep you warm and can always be trusted to look elegant and pulled-together. As such, they very rarely date and are important to keep well-stocked in one’s arsenal. One British high-street store that always covers the bases of timeless basics you can wear over and over again is John Lewis—they prioritise quality and longevity over the fast pace of fashion fads that you might find elsewhere in the retail sphere. So, if you’re in the market for a cosy knit, a classic coat or a staple pair of boots you’ll use for many winters to come, this is the gallery for you!

As well as the aforementioned categories of outwear, jumpers and boots, I’m also partial to a party piece that isn’t trend-led: I always look for elevated pieces that don’t feel tied to a particular year so that I can pull them out for the next festive season and still feel just as excited to style them up. For example, a classic pair of gold sandals or a chic black dress will always serve you well. In addition, during the depths of winter I find it important to have a couple of throw-on dresses that I can layer (the kind where a fine-knit or jersey roll-neck underneath will work) and they provide a refreshing break from that go-to of jeans-and-a-jumper. So, keep on scrolling to see my edit of the best winter staples from John Lewis right now…